Why Photography?

People go into photography for different reasons. Photography doesn’t have to be professional to be appreciated. You don’t have to be some big-time photographer with hundreds of likes on each photo to showcase that thing you love so much in photos. Photography and pictures are a way of letting others see the beauty in how you see the world and the things around you. Like the famous saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

From my time taking pictures, observing those who do and reading up on photography, here are some reasons why people pick up photography either professionally or as a hobby.

  • To be creative. People take pictures of seemingly random things and create something beautiful out of it. It’s amazing to watch such people work and let their minds create something new.
  • For memories. Pictures capture moments and they evoke the emotions felt at that particular moment. So, the next time you’re out doing something adventurous or exciting, don’t forget to take a picture. After all, if you didn’t snapchat it, it didn’t happen.  
  • To appreciate the beauty of nature and the world around us. Most times we get so busy with life, we forget to appreciate the beauty of things around us. Luckily, there are people who see it and document it in pictures. It might seem mundane at first but it has a way of changing the way we experience life. 
  • For love of family or pets. We see people who have Instagram accounts for their pets or children. I mean Asadh Khaled has an Instagram account. It serves as a memory bank of something we love or cherish.  
  • To showcase art. It could be makeup, fashion, food, fitness, or any other craft worth showcasing. Your art is definitely worth showcasing and the pictures created serve as a portfolio and helps you appreciate growth in your craft. 
  • For history. I recently read up on two war photographers (Robert Capa and Gerda Taro) who spent their lives taking pictures of war front lines and died doing what they love. You don’t have to be a war photographer to document history. Photos taken during a world changing event serve as a record for the future. 
  • For make a living. Of course, people make money from taking pictures. It shouldn’t be the only driving force for taking up photography but it’s good to get paid doing what you love, it makes every cent or naira worth it.

The reasons why people have taken up photography is very exhaustive and I could spend all day coming up with more reasons. I believe everyone should be a photographer because it gives an avenue to express yourself and share your perspective of the world. You don’t need to own an expensive camera to be a photographer, in this day and age of technology, a smartphone is more than enough. But if you need that fancy piece of equipment to kick your photography up a nudge and you live in Nigeria, www.cameratrader.ng is a place to get one. ?

Share some of the reasons why you love pictures or photography in the comment section below.